Front Shock Absorber For Large Displacement Two Wheeled Motorcycles

Large-displacement two-wheeled motorcycles usually refer to motorcycles with a displacement of 500cc and above. They are often equipped with established engines and high-performance components, so they need to be able to maintain high-speed stability and excellent damping capabilities.

The front and rear shock absorbers of large-displacement two-wheeled motorcycles are used in large-displacement motorcycles. They are hydraulic hybrid shock absorbers. They have excellent shock-absorbing performance and strength and can withstand the impact of vehicles driving at high speeds. force.

This type of shock absorber uses the diameter of the shock absorber column as the standard for product classification, including φ37 and φ41 respectively. Different types of products can be adapted to different car models.

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The shock-absorbing column uses precision-rolled precision seamless steel pipes, which undergo seven grinding processes to achieve a surface roughness of less than 0.2; the surface is electroplated with nickel-chromium and the corrosion resistance level reaches level eight or above.

The aluminum cylinder is processed from standard 6061 aluminum profiles, and the mounting rings are cast from AC2B. The shape can be designed according to the customer's requirements, and a unique LOGO can be added to the outside. The color can be customized as required by the customer.

The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and other three system certifications. The company is equipped with a complete range of quality testing equipment, including spectrometers, universal tensile and pressure testing machines, salt spray testing machines, Blovi hardness testers, projectors, crystallographic microscopes, X-ray flaw detectors, simulated road testing machines, double-action durability tests Testing machines, dynamometers, comprehensive characteristic test benches, etc. Product quality is effectively guaranteed throughout the entire process from development to production.

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