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Cast aluminum partsOur company’s aluminum castings are mainly used in vehicle shock absorbers, agricultural machinery accessories, high-speed rail electrical accessories and power grid electrical accessories.

Our company uses high-quality aluminum ingots such as standard A356.2/AlSi7Mg0.3. During the material dissolution process, the temperature is strictly controlled and an appropriate amount of additives is added.

Finally, high-purity argon gas is used to refine the aluminum liquid to improve the quality of the aluminum liquid. Throughout the entire process, the smelting quality of aluminum ingots is strictly controlled through the detection of density equivalent, aluminum grain refinement factor and deterioration factor.

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When manufacturing the most advanced cast aluminum parts, material selection is crucial. That's why our company only uses high-quality aluminum ingots, such as standard A356.2/AlSi7Mg0.3. The excellent strength and durability of these ingots ensure that the parts we produce have a longer service life. We carefully purchase materials from reputable suppliers to ensure their excellent quality.

Our meticulous attention to detail also extends to the material dissolution process. At this critical stage, strictly control the temperature to ensure the optimal casting conditions. In addition, we have added an appropriate amount of additives to further improve the performance and usability of cast aluminum parts. These additives help improve mechanical properties, such as increased hardness and corrosion resistance.

One of the main characteristics of our cast aluminum parts is the refining process. After the material is dissolved, we further refine the liquid aluminum using high-purity argon gas. This refining process eliminates impurities and improves the overall quality of the final product. The use of high-purity argon ensures that our cast aluminum parts meet the highest industry standards and customer expectations.

In order to maintain our commitment to quality, our production facilities adhere to strict quality control measures. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and hire a team of highly skilled technical personnel to monitor each stage of the production process. This enables us to consistently provide defect free cast aluminum parts and meet the strict tolerances required by customers.

Our cast aluminum parts offer numerous advantages for various applications. The inherent strength and lightweight of aluminum make it an ideal choice for automotive shock absorbers, agricultural machinery accessories, high-speed rail electrical accessories, and power grid electrical accessories. These parts have excellent structural integrity and can withstand heavy loads and extreme operating conditions.

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