Make aCircle With Rules

--Remember the 2022 Manufacturing Technology Standardization Knowledge Competition

 "Without rules, there is no way to create a square circle" comes from "Li Lou Chapter 1" written by the famous ancient thinker "Mencius". With the development of society and the advancement of technology, "rules" gradually evolved into "standards" and then sublimated to "standardization", that is, through social practices such as economy, technology, science, and management, repetitive things and concepts are Achieve unification through the formulation, publication and implementation of standards to achieve optimal order and social benefits.

 "Follow rules and form a circle" has also become the laws and principles that the company relies on to improve its manufacturing technology level. In order to form a long-term mechanism for sustainable development through the company's technology accumulation and technological innovation, we will build a manufacturing technology standard system and cultivate manufacturing technology talents. The company's labor union collaborated with the Manufacturing Technology Department to launch a "Manufacturing Technology Standardization" labor competition in 2022. The unique standardization knowledge competition held in Conference Room 1 on the afternoon of July 8 was an important part of the competition. A total of more than 40 people from the manufacturing center (production department), technology research and development (quality department, technology department) and other organizations participated.


The competition is divided into two parts. First, each of the three departments selects five representatives to answer 20 standardized knowledge questions. There are four types of questions: single-choice, multiple-choice, judgment and fill-in-the-blank. The technical department, quality department, manufacturing department, Obtained 50 points, 42.5 points, and 40 points respectively; secondly, one person from each of the three classes was sent to give a keynote speech on "Manufacturing Technology and Standardization". The establishment of the technical department scored 37.8 points, the manufacturing production scored 39.7 points, and the quality department scored 42.5 points. In the end, the established technical department came out on top with a total score of 87.8 points, the quality department scored 82.5 points, taking second place, and the production department scored 82.2 points, ranking third.

After the awards were given on site, the chairman of the company's labor union and the technical director commented on the competition. He fully affirmed everyone’s work and achievements in manufacturing technology standardization. Encourage manufacturing technicians to stick to their original aspirations, endure loneliness, devote themselves to technical business research, and focus on improving manufacturing process technology through integration with the site. While following the standards, we do not stick to the past or stick to the rules, and dare to pioneer and innovate with the spirit of "a stone from another mountain can attack a jade". We must also have high aspirations, be good at summarizing the experience of our predecessors and peers, learn new knowledge, new processes and new technologies, and push the company's manufacturing technology level to new heights.After the game, the participants said that this competition gave everyone a profound standardization education, enhanced their awareness of standardization, broadened their knowledge of standardization, and further understood the connotation and significance of the "Manufacturing Technology Standard System", and they gained a lot. We will strengthen learning, application, accumulation and summary in the spirit of "following the rules and forming a circle", and gradually deepen the standardization of manufacturing technology. Combined with the company's actual production, we promote the optimization and transformation of manufacturing technology and continuously improve the technical and manufacturing capabilities of the production site.

Post time: Jul-22-2023